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Students: how to find the resources you need!

Okay students!

Exams are close, revision is necessary, but you don’t know where to find resources and websites that will help you.

These are some of the best places to find resources for your GCSE exams!

Seneca Learning

This site is one of my absolute favourites! Not only can you revise subjects such as English, maths and science, they also have subjects like history, geography and sociology. All exam boards are covered and all topics when it comes to content.

The thing I love about it the most, is that you can give feedback to those who run the site about what’s missing, any mistakes and request certain topics be added.

I use this site with nearly all my students and cannot give it enough praise.

Spark Notes

Obviously, this is based on me teaching English, but you can find nearly every literature text taught in GCSE [and sometimes A Levels] on Spark Notes. They give summaries, analysis and with the Shakespeare, a modern translation. They also supply exam style question for practice purposes, so you can try and write an essay for your teachers to check for you.

Google Scholar

This is mainly for A Level and university students, but you can find excellent resources for whatever topic you are studying that will give you insight and depth. GCSE students can use it for wider reading, but it may not be the best for revision.


Now, you need to be careful with YouTube. There are thousands of creators who make content for revision purposes. For subjects such as maths and the sciences, they are pretty good and won’t cause you too much trouble.

However, for English, as there are model answers, you need to make sure you do not copy them. I’ve had students who watched YouTube videos and copied the model answers for creative writing and ended up getting their paper disqualified. Teachers run answer through plagiarism checkers, so don’t try and take the easy route by copying something you saw on a video. Use it for inspiration – such as the vocabulary and the sentencing, but don’t copy it.


The worlds fastest growing social media platform has many great creators who give hints, tips and live lessons. Find one that matches your style and take advantage of the free information!

Follow my TikTok for the same content and free lessons too!

Until next time!

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