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Do I need a private tutor for my child?

So many parents and guardians are on the fence about whether they should hire the services of a private tutor. Do I need one? Is it pretentious? Is it too much for my child?

These are all valid and very well thought out questions that I have been asked.

Simple answer is – yes you do.

The longer answer will require more detail so here we go!

Why do I need a private tutor?

Simply, teachers are overwhelmed. Having a private tutor for your child means that they get catered, one-to-one attention on the subjects that they are struggling with in school. Teachers have a class of 25+ students and need to teach to the lesson plan and the majority. This, unfortunately, leads to many students being left behind as they are too shy or embarrassed to say when they don’t understand something. Or they simply need more time to digest.

Having a tutor will give them the freedom to ask questions, explore and build their confidence in one or more subjects. Which could only be a positive thing for your child.

Is it pretentious?

Private tutors used to be the realm of the wealthy and super rich, but now average working-class families are seeing the benefits of having someone come and help their child with work. It is not pretentious, it’s an investment in your child’s future. Yes, it may be difficult to find the finances for it, especially in this economic climate, but you don’t have to splurge. One hour a week for the subjects that really need help [maths, English and science mostly] will help your child exponentially.

Or, if you can’t afford one-to-one, there are thousands of tuition centres or tutors that offer group sessions for a more affordable rate. Most groups are between 4-6 students so your child will still benefit from them.

Is it too much for my child?

We all want what’s best for the next generation, and with COVID 19 effecting the education of millions on students and schools holding extra classes after school and on weekends, it is a legitimate worry that more tuition would be too much. What we need to remember is that kids are resilient.

Talk to them, see what they think. Have them decide if they want the classes offered by their schools, or they want the peace of the private tutor. Communication is key. No one wants them to be stressed and overwhelmed – we just want them to succeed.

So, as my students like to say, in conclusion – private tuition is no longer something that is rare and expensive and can help every child who needs help. It doesn’t have to be for years; it can be a small boost just before exams to build confidence and strengthen foundations. Its not pretentious, and it may not be too much for the child.

Talk to a tutor and let them assuage your fears and concerns.

Until next time!

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