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How to write the perfect introduction!

There are many ways to start an essay.

However, I have found that it is one of the first things my students struggle with.

I have come up with a formula that simplifies the process and makes sure that their essays are always great.

Step 1: Answer the question.

Sounds simple, but a lot of people forget that the aim of the essay is to answer the question being asked of you, whether it is an assignment or an exam.

The easiest way to do that is to re-word the question. Here is an example:

Q. What effect does the use of alliteration have on the reader?

A. Alliteration has various effects on the reader and is therefore commonly used by writers and poets.

Step 2: Context.

The history of the play, poem or novel a well as that of the writer or poet is important information. Your teachers give you this information for a reason. The era it was written in can affect the meaning of the text you are studying. Talk about the socio, political, economic and historical issues at the time of writing.

Even basic background about the writer or poet is better than nothing.

Step 3: Your points

Now, this step is assuming you have at least a quick plan and you know what you will be discussing in the rest of the essay.

List and BRIEFLY discuss the points you will be exploring. Don't write too much otherwise you will become repetitive in the essay.

There you have it. Three easy steps to follow to write the perfect introduction. Give it a go on any and all questions you can find. Just practice writing introduction after introduction.

Until next time!

From previous blog - 21st Century Tutor

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