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Updated: Jan 15

I know, I'm years behind the blogger trends and should stick to my Daily Vlogs on TikTok and Instagram. 

But here's the thing - I'm an English graduate, an English teacher and a bibliophile. Reading and writing are how I know how to express myself most effectively.

However, I want to use my blog to highlight the serious issues, problems and thoughts that I, as an educator and member of modern society, want to discuss without my words being taken out of context or twisted. I am more than aware of the power of words, and how vocabulary can change and influence the opinion of those who read what you write.

I hope that this blog can be a safe space for intellectual discussion and a platform that will allow me to show who I really am.

Or it may completely drop off as I do have ADHD and may get distracted by all the other things that are happening in my world! 

So friends, are you willing to join me on this adventure? Shall 2024 be the year that we all evolve and grow together? I hope so!

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Jan 14

Don’t forget to follow me on social media - Hanaiam on TikTok and Instagram! 😘

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