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What is the point of Shakespeare?

Good question.

What IS the point of Shakespeare? As an English tutor it is my duty to teach them about the greatest playwright and poet in the English language. But what are the practical applications of learning about his plays in the real world.

Sure, we can attribute modern English and a large portion of the words we use now to him. His plays have endured the test of time and can be enjoyed and related too in the 21st Century.

But what is the point?

When will we ever need to discuss the use and effectiveness of iambic pentameter when we are in the working world? Or explore the use of language in Macbeth when we are at home with our families?

Don't get me wrong, I am one of those people who has always liked studying Shakespeare and has never found his work to be hard. But when my students ask me a legitimate question, it does cause me to pause.

So, I have decided to put the question out there to the digital world; what is the point of Shakespeare? Ask your friends, family, even strangers on the street! Open a debate and get talking; I want to know what people of all ages think! Give me something to take back to my students!

Until next time!

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